About Moksh

We are a Non profit Organization in Maharashtra. Dealing De-addiction Rehab and Mental health care center

The person who are looking for nasha mukti kendra, or top rehabilatation centres in India. we are one of the best option for them, Alcohol rehabilitation can be helpful for the management of drinking problems, but if required proper medication along with counselling for addicted person.

Our rahabilation center in Nashik | Mumbai | Pune | Surat | Bharuch all over maharashtra. We have Team of Experts for counselling to motivate patients. Your intake counselor will gather your mental health background.

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Moksh provides compassionate companionship for those needing help in their everyday activities or who just appreciate friendly company. Our certified, professional caregivers assist those in need to perform their daily activities while ensuring that the right care is given at the right moment. Whether it is shot-t time, part-time care or long-term full-time care, Our Companion is there when you or your loved one needs us.


All who look for recuperation will discover it, & the disgrace of compulsion will be overcome. He will be a vastly improved individual then a layman.


Moksh Foundation helps in re-establishing Hope, Healing and Health to individuals who are influenced by dependence on alcohol and drugs.