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Moksh India Foundation is Vyasan mukti Kendra in Nashik is an establishment that gives treatment to assuage or diminish any dependence. Till date, we have assisted in excess of 10,000 patients with disposing of inebriation. We not just assistance you in that frame of mind of inebriation yet additionally clarify the significance of solid life for you.

Moksh India Foundation is best Vyasan mukti Kendra in Nashik is one of the most notable Rehab.This de-addiction center focus is arranged in a decent climate. Each quiet in our therapy clinic feels revived which rouses them towards a fixation free life. In Vyasan Mukti Kendra in nashik, a pursuit is finished for the reasons that make one inebriated. What's more, based on that, coordinated advising is finished to that dependent individual. Numerous exercises are organized in our Rehab Center in nashik, which assists the patient with recuperating from habit. We offer gathering guiding, balanced directing, yoga, contemplation. We have named Pune's best specialist for directing. As this is a private program We give all fundamental quality offices to patients. We have shared as well as the exceptional room as well. Therapy clinic has a decent and steady staff. This Nasha Mukti Kendra is situated in a decent climate. In our therapy clinic, each understanding feels new that assists him with getting roused towards a fixation free life. For additional subtleties, you can check our display segment on this site.

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Moksh Foundation is India's leading best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nashik, It is a Rehabilitation center that provides complete and well-rounded de-addiction treatment services. We believe that empathy and care are vital recovery components, and all our staff members cultivate them. The supportive environment and individual attention we offer facilitate recovery and growth in patients. Our focus is on wellness through counseling services and various activities, such as meditation, yoga, art, and dance therapy, among many others. Anyone that is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Moksh foundtion is the best option for them. we offer continuous outpatient support and family counseling. segment on this site.

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Best De-addiction Rehabilitation Center In Nashik


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Rehabilitation Center In Nashik.

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"We had admitted my grand son at Moksh Foundation The 12 steps program is excellent. counselors are good. Time period of 3 months program worked results."

Prabhakar Devkar

"Completed 1 Year with the program and with help of Moksh Family and support system of Moksh Foundation. Thank a lot for giving me new way to leave my life sober and in serenity. very excellent rehab center in Maharashtra"

Santosh Sarvankar

"Great work done by Moksh team, my brother is appositely out from depression and addiction also. Thanks Moksh."

Godfrey Lawis

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SSD 20, Ashwin Nagar, Behind Sambhaji Stadium, Near Saint Lawrence High School, Cidco, Nashik - 422009

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